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In a simple apartment in an unnamed city, two sisters are living together.

The younger sister, Ping, is struggling with a severe eating disorder. She came to stay with her older sister, Ming, with the hope to save her out of the mental illness that is drowning her life.

It becomes clear that Ming, who has been playing the role of rescuer with a strong and resolved appearance, is actually struggling with her own emotional turmoil. As Ping continues to struggle with anorexia and bulimia, Ming slowly becomes obsessed with her own looks and begins to identify with her sister.

One day, Ming finds a poster of a support group for eating disorders. She passes it over to Ping as the last gesture of offering her help. Ping has gradually discovered that Ming is fighting with the same demon as her. Out of despair, Ping goes to join the support group, which turns out to be a pro-anorexia cult.

Ping is pushed to the edge of death…

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