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Reviews from Professionals

This is a powerful and upsetting film. The interactions between the sisters are poignant because there is both hostility as well as deep love. The scenes around eating are troubling and terribly realistic. I have not seen this kind of "eating tension" in a film about eating disorders before.”

— Joan Jacobs Brumberg,
author of Fasting Girls, The Body Project

Sisters is a film that outstands among the other ones around the topic of Eating Disorders. The movie has not only opened the heart of the people whom suffer from eating disorders, but also touched deeply on the issue of loneness, acceptance, and sense of belonging that everyone lives in the society facing and droving. Working in a health care professional field, I highly promote this movie for both patients and their therapists.”

— Dan Zhang,
Ph.D., M.D., Psychology Department,
Kwantlen Polytechnic University College Richmond campus

Do you ever wonder what an anorexic suffers from his or her internal striving other than craving for thinness? This movie, Sisters, harshly but lively depicts a self-discouraging and self-defeating manner with which an anorexic goes after self-identity and self-worth. The story may not shed your tears but touch your soul.”

— Andrew Lee,

I had a most amazing experience first from just picking up the film and then from watching it. It was a profound healing experience for me that touched me in a way that all the therapy and healing I had done for 30 years had not. It is both lovely and like chewing glass. I enjoyed watching a film that could reach so far into my being. I am very impressed with the sincerity of the filmmaker, her sister and the magic that demanded nothing from the humble position yet delivered so much.”

— Baeleay Callister,
filmmaker, Ortho-Bionomy advanced instructor

Reviews from Audience Members

Every time I watch the film, I cry like a baby because it hits home bad.”
The best film out of so many others portraying the anorexic / bulimic sufferers.”
Very subtle. Not a whole lot of flash like many of the American versions of these types of movies.”
I've finally come to the end and this was truly brilliant. It's got so much truth in the sense that Recovery doesn't take a day, week or month to happen. It's a very long and harsh, back and forth process. Some of the movies I've seen on Eating Disorders bring about recovery in such a short space of time which is in a lot of cases very unlikely. Great film 5 stars.”
I'm glad I found this movie, it really was worth watching. This movie really gave the image of life with eating disorders and how sensitive it might be.”